100 Dollar StartUps

A Startup in a small emerging company operating under extreme The 100 Dollar Startupand changing conditions, generally supported by technology and with minimal costs. Thanks to the tools that the Internet makes available, today anyone with entrepreneurial spirit can mount a startup from your own home and opt for self-employment, an increasingly, desirable option since the scenario of traditional employment is increasingly uncertain .

There are many books that tell us about the creation of startups, but unlike other guides, The 100 dollars Startup by Chris Guillebeau, is a book that goes to the specific, step by step, including a good number of ideas and case studies to create your own business with the minimum investment. Of course, the book takes into account the digital environment to launch and grow your company.

The book addresses many successful case studies that earned thousands of dollars in benefits from a modest investment, and exposes accurately the exact amount of dollars that were invested in each case, as well as the successes and mistakes made in the process. They are all examples of small entrepreneurs who live their passion, without strings, and they get benefits while helping others solve a need.

The 100 Dollar Startup book is an excellent -and a motivating- source of knowledge to create your own future and become independent once and for all of your boss.

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