How to check and fix broken links to improve your SEO

Both internal and external broken links within the architecture of a web site are fatal errors that can blow upSEO all you good planned SEO work. It is therefore essential instant detection of any abnormality in the links that flow through our pages. In contrast to search engine tools like the Google Search Console (former webmaster tools), which only show if an URL on your website is not reachable, the following link checker tools will find all dead links:


404.Buzz: Commercial tool that, however, allows you to do a free scan of our site for broken links.

iWebTool Broken Link Checker: The online link checker tool of iWebTool set of utilities is a fast detector of all those links that lead nowhere.

Broken Link Checker for WordPressWordPress plugin that checks the content of your site for broken links in posts, pages, comments, blogroll and images, sending you a email notification with the problems. The plugin also detect redirections and can be configured so that the search engines do not follow broken links.

Link Checker for JoomlaJoomla component that quickly scans your web site for broken links, whether internal or external.

WC3 Link CheckerBesides a useful code validation, WC3 offers a utility to examine the links on your website.

Website Auditor: Another great tool is WebSite Auditor, software included in the SEO Power Suite, which will help you find all sorts of structural errors on our website, generating a detailed report thereon.


Checking and fixing your links allows your to improve your site’ SEO and avoid severe Google penalties.




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