How to Create a Google+ Page for Your Business

Google Plus (Google+) enables brands and companies to have a strong presence in the Internet social ecosystem, an open channel of communication through which they can interact closely with customers, fans and supporters.

With a Google+ business page we can share relevant information about our company, collect feedback, and even live chat by video cam with customers around the world.

To create a business page on a Google +, we first need to have a personal profile on the Google social network, which can be created from Then, we can start creating a brand page on Google + from the following web address:

To create a profile on Google + will require a Gmail account, preferably from a company email. If you already have a Google account, the account data will be imported into Google + personal profile. You can also access your personal Google + profile and click “Create a Google page +“, located on the right sidebar of the home page (news).

The second step is to select the category of your new Google+: Local business, product or brand, company, institution or organization, arts or sports, entertainment, or other.

It is necessary to complete the basic information of the page, consisting of the page title (the name of your company or brand) and the URL address of the main website associated with the company. Here you introduce a tagline and the logo of the company. By clicking “create” you will complete the creation of your business page.

By default, all Google Plus business pages are public. Once you post relevant content, it’s time to announce the site to more people. To this end,
in the right sidebar under “News” page, you can click on the “Discovered” to recommend the page to the contacts of your circles.

To give greater visibility to our Google + page, we can implement an official logo, icon or badge in a prominent position on our website. Thus, visitors will find more easily and directly add our page to their circles.

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