How to Create a Youtube Channel

One major action of an overall social media marketing plan is to create a branded channel on Youtube for your brand or business. The video portal is by far one of the most visited Internet sites so is a great promotion and communication channel.

The first step is to create a Youtube account at (must be linked to a Google Account, so if you do not have one, the system itself we propose to create it), and choose the name of our new channel . Choose it carefully because you can not change it later. Ideally, that is the name of our brand, or company web site if available. If it was not the case could be chosen any keyword related to our business niche.

In the setting panels, after the account is created, it is very important to choose an appropriate title andt keyword rich tags for your Youtube channel. The profile should contain all the information possible. Don’t forget to put the URL to your website.

You should customize your channel, choosing one of  the default templates or uploading the background image you want. The colors and fonts are also customizable so you can design the channel in order to match the look and feel of your brand or your website.

You must upload interesting content to users, material that provides useful information or value. The channel should be updated frequently so it does not look abandoned.

Youtube is not just a video repository, but a true social network that allows great ways of communication between users. One of the most interesting options of owning a Youtube channels is the ability to publish and send a newsletter with all channel updates to our subscribers. The newsletter is published on the front pages (or walls) of our subscribers.

Inside the settings panel, you will find the options of  “sharing” where you can link the Youtube channel activity with your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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