How to Offer Online Consulting Services and Get Clients

Consulting services or coaching online is a good business model that already allows many professionals Upwoin various areas to work from anywhere with flexible hours, thus establishing a new source of income.

To offer remote consulting we will have to have tools such as Skype or Google HangOuts, a microphone and know how to create – and sell – your personal brand. Once you have realized the services you will offer and your hourly fee, you can go to the following platforms to start your online consulting business, gain visibility and get your first clients.



It is a specialized platform designed for teaching and learning languages. As a teacher, you can earn money by teaching any language through Skype or another Voice over IP platform of your choice, set your own price and work from home. Registration is free and the platform charges a fee of 15% of the transaction between student and teacher.



A massive directory of freelancers where you can offer your services at the rate you want. Registration is free and allows us to publish a professional profile that, duly completed, will enhance your personal brand.



A great platform for freelance professionals who want to offer their services. It is especially suitable for consulting services, although any freelance (in the areas of languages, computer services, multimedia design, health consultations, legal advice, etc.) that can perform and deliver its services online has a place in Knowers. The global platform includes integrated collaboration and communication tools (chat, audio, video and instant messaging), payments, billing, and other management tools. You can set a minimum price, your hourly rates and the days when you are available. Customers can request a quote without commitment through the platform.


In addition, you can also offer consulting on the subjects you master from your own website, once you have reached enough authority. In order for interested customers to book their consulting hours from your own website, you can use various plugins created for this purpose.



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