Jolicloud and Joli OS – Cloud Desktop and Free OS

Joli OS is a simple, lightweight, linux-based operating system Jolicloud and Joli OSdesigned specifically for netbooks and ultrabooks. Also works fine in old computers.

The explosion of the netbook market has brought new and interesting alternatives for operating systems. Although Windows is still by far the most popular OS, there are several free alternatives to consider and save in expensives software licenses.

Joli OS, a free operating system especially designed for notebooks and ultrabooks, whose main asset is its simplicity of use and low demand of hardware resources. The software offers an attractive desktop environment with the necessary applications in common use. Therefore, Joli OS can be installed under Windows or as a single operating system. It also detects automatically Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connections.

In addition, popular utilities such as OpenOffice, Skype, Firefox, Gimp and Audacity are available in Jolicloud app library. Alternatively, applications that require Windows to run can be installed using the Wine program loader.

Joli OS is free and open source software (you can download the OS from the official Jolicloud website). You will never pay for it. On the other hand, Jolicloud is intended for users always connected. Another Joli OS strength its automatic hardware detection. The low technical demands of the platform make it work in almost prehistoric PCs. Most netbooks are compatible with Jolicloud. Major brands such as HP, Dell, Asus and Sony, among many others work with Joli OS without any problem.

The OS consumes very little system resources because is set through a simple desktop, chromium-based, interface and oriented to cloud computing. Joli OS integrates fully with Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive. Our bookmarks, cloud files and apps are always syncronized online with a cloud desktop that can be accesed from

Joli OS -and Jolicloud, its integrated cloud desktop- is an attractive, well designed, modern operating system is here to stay and stands as a powerful free option not only for netbooks, but also for conventional laptops and even older machines. The cloud desktop version is revealed as a great productivity tool, because we can access it from any device.

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