Make Money by Uploading Files

It is possible to make money uploading files to popular online storage services. Metacafe, Filefactory and Depositfiles pays users for video views or file downloads.

Metacafe is a video portal similar to Youtube that rewards the most viewed videos.  This incentive system rewards users with $ 5 for every 1000 views of our video, but not begin receiving until reach 20,000 views of it. Importantly, the content must be original and we must own the works.


Filefactory, a storage and file sharing service similar to Rapidshare and Megaupload, inceptives file  downloads with up to $ 15 per thousand downloads. A larger file (in MB), the better paid. The copyrighted files that are not your property does not qualify for this program.


The operation of the Depositfiles rewards program is analogous to Filefactory, paying $ 5 to $ 30 for every 1000 downloads. Earnings may be withdrawn by PayPal or WebMoney after reaching the minimum amount of $ 10. As in the previous sites, it is imperative that the files uploaded to the service does not infringe copyright.

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