Make Money with In-Text Ads

In-text ads provides other model of contextual advertising. In-text-ads are esentially text link advertising within the sites content, usually in the form of double underlining of the link.  When a user moves the mouse cursor over the link, a floating window containing information about the advertiser will be displayed. If the visitor clicks on it, will be directed to the advertiser’s site and you will earn a small commission. Earnings vary depending on the selected keyword.

The advantages of this advertising  format is that you do not need additional advertising space but is integrated into the content itself. The disadvantage is that the gains are not large, but everything depends on the traffic to your blog.

Best In-Text-Advertising Networks.


Adbrite is a well known contextual ad platform that offers high quality contextual advertising. Also includes other formats such as full-page ads and in-video ads.


Infolinks also provide contextual, in text advertising services. Just register your blog in Infolinks, get the code and put it in your website or blog. Infolinks has its own WordPress plugin and pays by Paypal.


Kontera is an analog service. Just register your blog in Kontera, and you will get the code to implement in your blog to generate advertising profit.

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