MusikPitch – Make Money with Your Music

If you write music, MusikPitch can connect you with the latest opportunities from all types of clients. Simply browse through the contests and submit your music to the contests you like. There’s no cost to participate. It’s a great way to grow your client base, get your music heard, and win contracts.

Just browse contests (Open multimedia projects that needs your music) and pick out the one that best fit your talents and read over the brief to be sure you know exactly what the contest holder needs.

Upload the finished MP3 version of your song for the contest holder to hear. Once your song is uploaded, the contest holder will listen and provide feedback. If your song is chosen as the winner, you will be alerted to upload the highest quality version of your song file, probably in WAV form, to transfer over to the contest holder. Once the contest holder accepts the file we will issue you the full prize amount listed for that contest!

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If you can make music, you can make money on MusikPitch.

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