PDF Creator

PDFCreator is a virtual printer that can create PDF files from any program. PDF CreatorIt installs in minutes and works exactly like a real printer.

To create a PDF with PDFCreator, request a print from any program and choose PDFCreator as your printer. A panel will appear where you can fill in the details of the document: title, author, subject, keywords, etc..

The box buttons let you save PDFCreator print the PDF, email it or put in queue. After a few seconds your new PDF document will be ready.

By default, PDFCreator will open with the default viewer (Acrobat Reader, Foxit, or anything you have installed).  This action can be disabled by unchecking a box in the Print window.

In PDFCreator options you can adjust the print quality, define actions to execute before or after saving or define templates for print documents automatically.

PDFCreator is without doubt one of the best programs of its category. Given the large amount of existing PDF printers, noted for its speed, configuration options and integration with Windows

Download PDF Creator (Freeware).

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