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Personal Capital is a free mobile app that allows you to manage all our personal finances from the palm of your hand. The Personal Capital Application for mobile devices in specially designed to allow access all your financial accounts portfolio (checking, savings, stocks, mutual funds, etc.) in one holistic, aggregated and clean view. Each disparate investment formats are clearly integrated for easy management. The app is totally free, althought private investment advisors may provide additional account management services for a 1% fee.  

Personal Capital app helps users to manage their money easily, offering a global view of  the state of their accounts and allowing to see where they can save money. The Personal Capital app allows the tracking of income, spending and savings, as well as the investment performance and mutual fund fees. You can also track your investments by account, asset class or individual security and compares your portfolio with to major indices. You can also find the exact percentage of each asset class within your portfolio.

Among the main features of Personal Capital are:


  • Portfolio Performance: A feature that allows you track your investiment and compares with market main indices.
  • Asset Allocation: This function helps you to track your investiment and find the exact percentages of each asset.
  • Investment Checkup: The Personal Capital experts helps you to find a way to pinpoint potential investment risks within your portfolio and reach your financial goals.
  • 401k Fee Analyzer: This free analyzer tool helps you to detect f you're paying too much in 401k fees and will determine whether your plan is Red (over 2%), Yellow (1.01%-2%); or Green (1% and below).
  • Mutual Fund Fee Calculator: A money-saving tool to find how how much your investments are costing you over time.
  • Emails Monitoring: The app send you personalized updates about your financial life, curating content with the highlights of the week.
  • Universal Checkbook: This interesting feature in intended to send money to anyone, anywhere with just a few taps on your mobile device. Just enroll any one of your checking accounts by taking a snapshot of the paper check. 
Download the free Personal Capital App for your mobile device and start to improve your finalcial state with ease. The application is available for iPad,iPhone and Android systems.
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