SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO Powersuite, is a powerful software for SEO and online marketing that SEO Powersuiteincludes four separate programs:


Link Assistant is a tool that helps you find new backlinks to our site looking for potential links trade with related sites with a PageRank higher than 3. The program generates our own link directory.  It also allows us to see who links to our competitors.


Rank Tracker is a utility that monitors the position of our web site in search engines for an unlimited number of keywords. The software displays the rankings history and graphical reporting of progress. In addtion, Rank Tracker includes a very powerful keyword suggestion tool that extracts information from internet databases. Not only will get plenty of keywords that we can use, but its level of effectiveness or KEI (Keyword Efficience Index). The program is also able to generate comprehensive custom reports with this information, although the free version does not allow downloading to your computer.


SEO Spyglass allows us to observe and analyze the number and authority (weighing factors like Page Rank, domain, IP, etc …) of incoming links to our direct competitors simply by entering its URL. The free version lets you see up to 1,100 backlinks.


Website Auditor examines the SEO internal factors (On page, all site factors that can be optimized, such as title, meta description, the metakeywords, headers, images, text links, bold, keyword density, among others) from our website in relation to the desired keywords. The auditor prepares a comprehensive report with site optimization suggestion and comparison with our direct competitors.


Power SEO suite is available in a free version -with limited features- and two paid editions: Professional and Enterprise, the latter being ideal for professionals and SEO companies. The Enterprise version allows data export and print reports. Both Professional and Enterprise editions offer free trials and are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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3 comments for “SEO PowerSuite Review

  1. Brandon Stark
    April 17, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Yeah, I know these tools. Have been using SEO Powersuite for a long time already, get really great results. Love Rank Tracker most of all!

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