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Shopify Tutorial

Shopify is an clean, easy to use, e-commerce platform solution that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores. The Shopify platform includes a full content management system that allows users to manage inventory, edit HTML and CSS code, create…

SEO Tutorial (Part II)

Second part of the series of videos, created by Gareth Davies, about useful techniques to use on Google for SEO. Lesson 5: Google Cache Command Lesson 5: Google All in Title Command Lessons 6: Title Tags

Hostgator Quick Install Tutorial

Quick video tutorial on using HostGator‘s QuickInstall tool to quickly and easily install scripts, including: CMS (Joomla, Drupal), Blogs (WordPress), E-commerce Software (Magento), and over 70 other open-source applications.

Hootsuite Tutorial

Hootsuite is a web app that allows to manage multiple social profiles and accounts in the major social networks -Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare and Linkedin- from a single dashboard. How does Hootsuite work? This first tutorial show you how to…