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Link building is an essential SEO strategy to get other websites linking to our web page to make
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the search engines to give relevancy and better position in their rankings. Linkbuilding technique can be done naturally, when other sites link to us without prior agreement, or artificially, when we simulate these links have been achieved naturally.

SeedingUp is an international SEO service provider with a broad portfolio of products. The service offers a wide variety of services in the area of link building and search engine optimization to help their clients in their SEO activities. In addition, you can monetize your site publishing posts and links from advertisers. The platform help you to increase your recognition and image, as well as visibility and search engine rankings with Content Marketing.

You can earn money in just a few steps with articles on your blog. Set up the offer for your blog in no time on SeedingUp at what price you would like for publishing the article. At this point, you can choose between SeedingUp Blog Marketing products (Blog Post, Infographic, Video Post, Press Release, Advertorial, Digital News) that you want to provide for marketing your blog. Your blog will then be offered in the relevant categories that you set. You can freely decide whether to accept a booking request or not. The higher the quality of your blog, the more advertisers will pay for high-quality content.

SeedingUp takes care of the support and the realization of link building campaigns including all administrative tasks, as well as the campaigns implementation process and developing off-page strategies for websites in close coordination with the customers and specially designed to meet their exact requirements.

The key factors of SeedingUp services are ease of use, quality and innovative features and products. Serving customers globally, teliad supports one of the SEO agencies, leading companies and specialty shops online – and does not stop there. Over the last couple of years, The platform has become the central place to go to many well-known brands when it comes to link development.

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