The Complete Guide to SEO for WordPress

seo-for-wordpressWordPress, the popular content management system with free GPL software license and developed in PHP and MySQL, is, according to most SEO experts, the friendliest system for search engines.

WordPress is backed by a big community of developers and programmers worldwide who work continuously and tirelessly to improve and upgrade the platform. The large number of plugins, widgets, design and applications available for SEO is another of its key benefits.

The great flexibility of WordPress allows users to easily manage specific functions of search engine optimization and advanced SEO settings, so that although the basic installation of WordPress is easily accessible to search engines, it is still possible to control more accurately and improve many elements of your site in order to achieve better rankings in the search results on the Internet.

The book ‘SEO for WordPress: The Complete Guide‘, written by online marketing expert Juanjo Ramos, teaches you, in a concise and practical way, how to achieve the best search engine optimization for your WordPress-powered web site and get better rankings.


The ebookSEO for WordPress: The Complete Guide‘ by Juanjo Ramos is available on Smashwords and selected online retailers.

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