TubeAssist – Advanced Video Marketing Tool

TubeAssist is an automated YouTube marketing software in the cloud. It is somewhat similar to Tube Toolbox but runs in a web browser. That means no downloads, no installs and it can be used on a Mac, PC, tablet, or any mobile device.

The subscription-based service automates your marketing efforts so you can have your first campaign up and running in seconds. The allows you to choose the right kind of campaign based on what you are trying to accomplish: gain subscribers, add contacts to your channel or increase the viewings of your videos.  In addition, you can increase viewership and engagement by focusing on active YouTubers who are really interested in your content. TubeAssists runs 24/7 on their servers. No need to keep your browser window open or worry about usage on your data plan.

In short, TubeAssist is a powerful, advanded automation tool to effortlessly drive targeted traffic to your YouTube business channel and videos. TubeAssist was built from the ground up following YouTube’s T.O.S. and runs using their public programming API.

Tutorial: Getting Started with TubeAssist

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